Andy Cohen talks friendship with Anderson Cooper, being ‘the only gay guy in late-nite’ TV

Andy Cohen has got a lot going on – and he’s talking about it all.

The “Watch What Happens Live” host opened up about his friendship with Anderson Cooper, reuniting with Wendy Williams, the drama happening on “Real Housewives,” and being a single dad.

Cohen, who’s been at Bravo for over a decade, has made a name for himself in reality television and with his late-night show, even being honored with the Vito Russo Award at the 30th annual GLAAD Media Awards in May.

“That meant a lot, I’m the only gay guy in late-night television,” Cohen told USA TODAY in an interview. “There weren’t gay people on TV when I was growing up that were openly gay and positive and made me look at them as role models. That means a lot to me to be recognized.”.

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Cohen counts Oprah as one of his favorite guests on “WHHL” (“Just because she’s Oprah … It meant that we were really on the map”), also listing Madonna, Beyoncé, Michelle Obama and Justin Timberlake as his dream guests.

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And not only are Cohen’s guests are famous – so are some of his friends, including Cooper and Williams.

“We’ve gotten much closer since I’ve had the talk show and since we’ve been on tour together. I mean we’ve been friends for 25 years,” Cohen said about Cooper. “He’s just an incredibly loyal and caring and sensitive and great friend.”.

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Cohen was there for Cooper when his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, died in June.

“That was his last member of his nuclear family, so I think they got to spend nonstop (time together) the last few weeks of her life together, so it seems like he was grateful to have that time,” Cohen said.

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As for Williams, Cohen recently reunited with the daytime talk show host after not speaking for years.

“We hadn’t been on TV together in six years,” Cohen said. “We both kind of realized how much we like each other again and how fun it is to be on TV together.”.

Another person Cohen hasn’t spoken with? Lisa Vanderpump, one of the original housewives on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” who recently announced that she would not be returning to the show.

“I have not (talked to Vanderpump),” Cohen said. “We texted after her mom died. She’s been through a lot; it has not been a good year for her.”.

Vanderpump declined to appear on the “RHOBH” reunion special, despite lobbing criticism at previous cast members for skipping the reunion taping.

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“It was really sad that Lisa wasn’t there. I think everyone was sad about that,” Cohen said. “I’m sad she’s leaving the show. There’s a lot of drama surrounding Camille (Grammer). The women all have a lot to say. It’s an all-star group, and the show will go on. The great thing about the show is that it’s an ensemble show.”.

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Just as the “Housewives” join forces for drama, they came together to celebrate the birth of Cohen’s now 6-month-old son Benjamin at a baby shower in January.

“There was so much love in the room,” Cohen said, despite the shower ending with guests dancing on tables.

“All the focus has been on the turn up that happened, but that was really the last 45 minutes of the shower,” Cohen said. “It was incredible and it was a lot of fun and there was so much love.”.

Cohen said he has a group text with the “the five (‘Real Housewives’) OGs” who threw him the shower – Kyle Richards, Ramona Singer, Vicki Gunvalson, Nene Leakes and Teresa Giudice – and that he sends them baby pictures of his newborn.

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Cohen is adjusting to being a single dad, saying that his son has forced him to be more patient and put down his phone.

“It’s been a great right turn in my life, and so far so good. I’m juggling a lot, but it’s been a lot of love, and learning and patience. It’s very overwhelming, but I’m trying to take it day to day and let it develop.”.

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And though Cohen is a new dad when it comes to babies, he’s a veteran at being a father to his 7-year-old dog, Wacha, recently partnering with Purina ONE to bring awareness to caring for an older dog.

“I’ve been a dog dad for almost six years, and I realized this year I was one of the … Dog owners who didn’t realize their dog is actually a senior citizen.”.

Cohen said Wacha is getting used to baby Ben being around.

“He seems like a puppy and he has so much energy” Cohen said. “He’s just happy and sweet and loyal and he’s loving Ben. They’re kind of coexisting and it’s a sweet transition for all of us. He’s getting to know (Ben), like we all are.”.